Leadership and management development programs

I design and deliver training programs that strengthen the competence and confidence of managers in how they lead their teams.

What participants say

  • “A 360 evaluation of my management skills and a practical plan to improve them. The tools are invaluable.”
  • “This program really delivered practical insights to raise my managerial impact.”
  • “The topics we studied are key. Interactions were varied and really interesting. I walk away with a much better self-awareness.”
  • “A very engaging day. The diversity of activities and opportunity to connect with colleagues is very welcome.”
  • “Putting learning into action is VERY useful.”
  • “Super facilitation: dynamic and practical.”
  • “Engaging and practical.”

Experiential learning and coaching are cornerstones of my training philosophy. The approach and content of my programs are tailored to meet the needs and strategic priorities of your organisation. Programs may be rolled out as single events or over several sessions to enable participants to learn from their experiences between modules. When relevant, I can include the use and debrief of a psychometric (including 360) assessment.

Here is a selection of themes covered in past management training programs:

  • Developing awareness of self and others
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Understanding and working with different behavioural styles
  • Effective delegation
  • Engaging and collaborating with stakeholders in a matrix organisation

While I deliver most of my training programs face-to-face, I have also designed and delivered blended learning with a combination of face-to-face, digital modules and webinars.

When possible, I seek to co-deliver training with leaders and managers from within your organisation.


When should you consider investing in leadership or management development

  • To engage your leaders behind a strategic change
  • To merge different management cultures so that they synergise rather than result in gridlock
  • To raise productivity levels when they point to breakdowns in management practices
  • To learn from mistakes
  • To reduce staff turnover or improve satisfaction scores
  • To embed a new performance management system

“Training is, quite simply, one of the highest-leverage activity a manager can perform. Consider for a moment the possibility of your putting on a series of four lectures for members of your department. Let’s count on three hours preparation for each hour of course time – twelve hours of work in total. Say that you have ten students in your class. Next year they will work a total of about twenty thousand hours for your organization. If your training efforts result in a 1% improvement in your subordinates’ performance, your company will gain the equivalent of two hundred hour of work as a result of the expenditure of your twelve hours.”
– High Output Management by Andy Grove (former CEO of Intel)

How it works

Each coaching engagement is different. I tailor my approach and services to individual needs. We always start with an informal meeting or call where you can share your needs and I give you a feel for the way I work.

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