Awareness (of self, others and context), clarity of vision and commitment are
key ingredients of professional success.

I enable executives individually and as teams to define their purpose, articulate their vision, commit to making it a reality and execute with agility.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
– Einstein

Introducing Laure

I combine 12 years of international consulting experience at PwC and Ernst & Young with more than 15 years of coaching, facilitation and leadership development. I have coached executives as well as entrepreneurs, individually or as teams, in the UK, Ireland, France and beyond in both English and French.

My mission is to help my clients, individually and collectively:
be their best, reconcile high performance with sustainable growth, and navigate change effectively.

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One-to-one coaching

Leaders and managers play a critical role in enabling strong and sustainable performance in their teams and organisations. Exceptional leaders and managers act and behave in ways that inspire others to perform at their best. This includes leading by example, holding and applying clear values, sharing a strategic vision for their people and organisation, taking full ownership and responsibility for making that vision a reality and growing their teams.

My one-to-one coaching work with managers and leaders focuses on developing and consolidating these attitudes and behaviours so that they and their teams can reach their potential.

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Developing team performance

Teams in organisations such as Southwest Airlines or sports teams such as John Wooden’s basket ball teams at UCLA in the 1960s and more recently Bill Walsh’s San Francisco 49ers have reached top levels of performance over extended periods. They are the exception more than the rule as approaches to team work can be erratic and inconsistent. Targeted and focused coaching as performed by John Wooden and Bill Walsh as well as some corporate leaders and executive coaches can be a powerful help.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”
– Michael Jordan

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Leadership and management development programs

Typically people are given managerial and leadership responsibilities because they are good at what they do. Great leadership and management is key to outstanding business performance but takes far more than deep or broad operational skills. It can be learnt through experience but training helps speed up the learning.

I design and deliver training programs that strengthen the competence and confidence of managers in how they lead their teams.

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Client testimonials

“I got introduced to Laure after the 2020 Beirut Blast. As the country director of a grass-root NGO in Lebanon, following the tragedy of August 4th, I felt I needed support to bring the devastated team back on track.

Laure was very effective at understanding a foreign context (Beirut) and listening to our needs. I was really unsure about the idea of coaching by distance (all the sessions were on Zoom, Laure being in Paris and us in Beirut), and now I can tell it works perfectly fine!

She helped us to work on the team dynamics and to re-align our vision and mission in a crisis environment. Through three collective coaching sessions, we could identify many pain points.

Laure did not only help us to restart the general motivation of the team, she also equipped us with tools to address various issues that we spotted. I do feel that we, as a team, are now empowered to take action on our own dynamic, through various simple exercises that we adopted as our rituals.

On top of being a highly competent coach, Laure is also a very genuine partner to work with!”

Country Director


“Initially I enjoyed the experience of working with Laure in a group course setting amongst a diverse range of people that I found revelatory. While I believed I was focused on a career path Laure opened my eyes to my failure to truly explore what success meant to me; to create a more fulfilling experience. I was impressed by Laure’s ability to identify my own mental blocks to development from truly questioning and probing my responses. Earlier career moves were planned logically but later higher stakes moves I had tended to let be led by employers approaches to how I would fit into their plan.

This led me to engage with Laure over time on a one-to-one basis. That has been very rewarding. With Laure, there is a genuine interest in her clients development, with each challenging encounter leaving me with lots of contemplation to develop enough such that I sought to engage with her guidance for the next step.

It’s been a decade long experience that I see plenty of value in reengaging with Laure as I develop myself.”

Portfolio Manager

“I have taken part in two team coaching sessions run by Laure in very different contexts. Whether in an international organisation or in a start-up setting, Laure has enabled us to clarify, formulate and align behind common goals. The challenges brought to each team coaching setting were profoundly different and Laure was very effective at picking up and understanding our expectations thanks to a deep and thorough discovery process prior to each intervention.

Thanks to her, we have managed to unlock strategies enabling us to reconcile performance and sustainable growth, and to operate effectively in an ever changing environment.”

Manager and then Start-up Founder

Financial services

“Our Management Team seminar was one of my top development priorities after my nomination as MD at Thomson Reuters. I wanted to bring some consistency and alignment within the leadership team. Another objective was to develop a positive feedback culture in a team that was mostly used to criticism. And I was hoping that bringing the team together would help build some bridges between functions that were ultimately interconnected (Pre-Sales, Sales, After-Sales, Admin support).

Mission accomplished by Laure in 2 days with thought-provoking and intense sessions and convincing results, in particular a raised awareness of specific behaviours and their impact on other individuals and the team dynamics. The effects of the seminar have been long-lasting thanks to Laure’s approach.”

MD France

Financial Services

“I very much enjoyed the coaching sessions with Laure Fau. Laure is very serious and dedicated. When we started on our course, Laure very quickly understood my aims and adapted her sessions to suit my personality and my industry. I really appreciated the content of the sessions, our discussions and how Laure used different coaching techniques, always creating surprising exchanges with fascinating revelations.”


“Laure has been an excellent coach and mentor to me. She listens intently and has an incisive way of analysing situations and coming up with innovative ideas as to how to deal with them.

For me, Laure provided some invaluable techniques to use when one is placed in difficult and stressful predicaments. She has transformed how I manage relationships, particularly “upwards” and it has been very beneficial for my career and my wellbeing.”

Executive Vice-President

Shipping Industry

“I have been working with Laure for 2 years, she brought me highly valuable support to grow my leadership, level of influence and helped me to strengthen my style to succeed in the organization. As a result of our joint work, I was promoted and Laure also helped to take a successful start in my new role, in a very new environment: building a new team structure & culture, crafting a vision, prioritizing, selecting what really matters.

I fully appreciate the effectiveness of her skills and approach in raising very relevant questions to help identify winning strategies, empowering the coachee to lead his/her development, strengthening self-confidence and bringing concepts or techniques when appropriate. I would recommend Laure to support any leader to grow, work more effectively in complex, international organizations including supporting change / transition.”

Senior Executive


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