Book recommendation – The Ride of a Lifetime

A recommended read at this time when some of us may find ourselves with more time due to confinement (when we are not managing the short term crisis that is).

Bob Iger has been COO and then CEO of The Walt Disney Company through a phase when the industry has been deeply disrupted several times and this is not over (aside from the impact of the current pandemic which could well be a short term opportunity for them). In this book he brings to life leadership lessons based on his own experience that could prove very useful at this end of the crisis as well as when things pick up again which no doubt they will.

Here is one of the lessons I took away: ‘Optimism emerges from faith in yourself and in the people who work for you. It’s not about saying things are good when they’re not, and it’s not about conveying some blind faith that ‘things will work out’. It’s about believing in your and other’s abilities.’

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