Developing Leaders

Leaders play a critical role in enabling strong and sustainable performance in their teams and organisations. Over and above strong operational skills, exceptional leaders act and behave in ways that inspire others to perform at their best. This includes leading by example, holding and applying clear values, sharing a strategic vision for their people and organisation, taking full ownership and responsibility for making that vision a reality. 

My work with high-potential executives and leaders focuses on developing and consolidating these attitudes and behaviours so that they and their teams can reach their potential.

When is individual coaching relevant

Coaching is a great resource to step-away from situations and make better decisions: instead of being subject of your experiences, they become objects you can fully consider and influence. Here are some specific contexts in which individual coaching can be particularly impactful:

  • Taking on a new role: promptly establish leadership, credibility and influence with team and stakeholders by focusing on what matters most
  • Driving team performance: develop as a coach to the team and engage effectively with stakeholders to stimulate buy-in and performance
  • Career development: shape your critical path, capitalise on skills and experience, make the most of your network and prepare key conversations
  • Managing anxiety and stress: Uncover the root cause(s) of stress, identify and practice cognitive and non-cognitive coping and healing strategies

“All of our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions”
– Leonardo da Vinci


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